As professional and committed IP mangers, we provide efficient strategic Intellectual Property related services for technology-based businesses.

Each business has different resources, needs, constrains and goals. Therefore, requires an appropriate IP management attitude, which we especially design and provide.

  • IP portfolio development.

A comprehensive IP portfolio is important to protect your business R&D, to help you secure a stronger market position and to potentially generate income.

Developing  IP portfolio requires more than "just" clear understanding of your business objectives, but thorough understanding of the various options available to protect  IP rights (patents are not the only option...). In addition, taking into account budget  limitations, it is very challenging to develop an appropriate IP portfolio.

We know how to practically advise your business, develop and harvest IP portfolio especially designed for your business.


  • Intellectual Property management.                                                                                                                                                   

  • Cost-effective IP solutions.

  • Strategic IP consultation.

  • Workshops and training.

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