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Asaf Shalev,

Patent attorney, Adv.,
Founder of Shalev and Jecmen & co.

“I have been working with several IP managers over the years and Malka is absolutely one of the best. She knows how to lead her clients to obtaining meaningful protection of their IP while keeping budget constraints and understanding the competitive landscape. Working with her is also helpful for me as she is managing the communications between myself and the inventors in a very efficient manner”

Amnon Lam,

CEO at IonMed ltd.:

“Malka is maintaining our patents, takes care of all IP procedures and consult for any IP action done in the company. Malka’s monthly IP reports keep’s the companies’ IP monitored and well controlled. Malka shows high professionalism in the field, including being updated with the changes implemented from time to time in the registration and litigation laws. Malka has methodological working methods, is thorough and works in an ordered fashion. Since Malka is consulting IonMed, I feel that the IP arena is well covered and much better mapped than it was before. Malka can as well serve for special assignments as specific prior art research and patentability of a new invention. All the above mentioned subjects, comes rolled up in a great service orientation and I hardly wait for more than a working day to receive an answer for my requests. I can easily say that Malka’s recruitment was a great investment.”

Roy Melzer, Patent Attorney, Adv.,

Head of Software, Information Sys. Department at Erlich group.

“I have worked with Malka for many years now. Malka is a great IP portfolio manager, always on top of possible legal events and sensitive to potential loss of rights and cost. Malka can be a great choice for young companies who are in need for an effective patent portfolio.”

Noam Shalit,

COO at SafeRide Technologies:

“I have been working with Malka for several years, she is very professional and thorough.

Patent Specialist!!!”

Shy Mindel,

VP at Mobius Protection Systems ltd.

“Malka is consulting our company, Mobius Protection Systems, in the field of IP registration and strategy. Malka is maintaining our patents, takes care of all IP procedures and consult for any IP action done in the company. Since Malka is consulting Mobius Protection Systems, I feel that our IP is well covered and much better mapped than it was before.”

Assaf Klein,

CEO, MediValve Ltd.

“Malka's contribution is reflected in a number of ways:
Administrative management and ongoing maintenance of the company's patent portfolio
Professional advice when making professional decisions
Lowering costs of working with patent attorneys
Malka is professional and well acquainted with the material, and shows care and dedication to our company. I am pleased to be working with Malka and highly recommend her”

Shai Levanon,

CEO at IonMed ltd.

“Malka allows us to reduce our involvement with patents and focus on the technical professional side of filing patents. We receive regular status updates from Malka and immediate assistance when required. We are happy to work with Malka, receiving professional service and immediate responses to any queries”

Noa Balhasan,

Entrepreneurship Coordinator at Haifa Youth Center

(in collaboration with the Haifa-Boston Partnership)

“I would like to express my appreciation to Malka Klein-Frucht for the series of meetings she hosted on the subject of “Intellectual property and the world of patents as a business tool for leveraging your company” for entrepreneurs at the Haifa Youth Center.
he meetings were conducted very professionally. Malka's vast knowledge and experience enabled the participants to better understand intellectual property and patent protection despite the complexity of the subject.”

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